Uncharted Territory is an example of a Symmetry Card.

A Symmetry is one of the three types of cards that exist in the Exodus Trading Card Game, alongside Energy and Creature cards. Symmetry cards function as a magic spell of a sort, and can be played instantly from the hand during either players turn, if it is appropriate for the card to be played. Symmetry cards all feature card text that affect the flow of the game in some way, referred to as Card Text, and this determines what the Symmetry changes on the Field Of Play.

Symmetry Cards are seen as some of the most powerful cards in the game, and this is often reflected in their rarity. For example, in the Galaxy Tides Expansion, no Symmetry cards were printed at lower rarity than Uncommon. All single Promo cards to date (a total of six) have been Symmetry cards.

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