Set 4 Converging Chasms


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Release Date: August 2, 2018
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Previous Set: Set 3 Crystal Forge
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Converging Chasms is the 2nd booster pack and the 4th overall set in the Exodus TCG.


This set introduces the Harmony Rare card rarity for the first time. Secret Rares get a brand new foil treatment and are now textured, their 3D raised foiling follows the lines of the card artwork; this unique foil technology means it is embedded in the card itself rather than stamped on top of it. Secret Rares also have an improved pack-out ratio of 1 in every 4 boxes on average, or 3 per case, while Harmony Rares are found 1 per case as a case topper.

Lots of new things are introduced from a gameplay standpoint with this expansion, including new mechanics, Abilities and rarity effects. The set is optimized for both Constructed and Booster Draft formats with effects now being in every rarity tier all the way down to Common (you can draft Common symmetries unlike with Galaxy Tides).

Following the conclusion of the Crystal Forge storyline from the Exodus TCG Official Magazine Issue #2, turmoil is abundant on Eeventide when it is disturbed to the point where its portals are thrown off course and start colliding into each other. These collisions create massive rips and tears in the fabric of space and time, opening up a new form of dimensional travel. However, these dimensional rifts signify permanent damage to Eeventide's atmosphere. Sentient smoke-like creatures called Chronos spill into the world soon after. The Chronos' are seen ripping apart portals, further destroying the shortcuts available to Drifters. But the biggest secret of all lies within the planet itself. It's well known by this point that Eeventide has a will of its own, but what exactly will happen when the very landscapes are called to rise up to defend themselves...?

Set Breakdown:

  • This set consists of 91 cards, including:
    • 3 Harmony Rares
    • 8 Secret Rares
    • 31 Rares
    • 22 Uncommons
    • 27 Commons
  • Of the 8 Secret Rares, one of them (Grandaria, Forger of Songs) can only be found as a fixed box topper in sealed booster boxes and not in packs themselves.
    • The other 7 Secret Rares have a packaging ratio of 1 in every 4 boxes, or 3 per case.

Box Toppers

  • Box Toppers are extra/bonus cards included as incentive when opening an entire booster box or display.
    • Box Toppers are always Foil.
    • 1 of the 2 Box Toppers in every box is "fixed", meaning it is the same card in every box.
    • The 2nd Box Topper is a random Foil from the booster set (Uncommon or higher).

Sneak Peek Creature Types

  • Continuing a trend from the first booster set, there is a hidden pattern in each booster set that identify which new creature types the storyline will focus on in the near future. The pattern is 1 of that creature type in each main Rarity tier (Common, Uncommon & Rare) within the set (excluding dual-types). For Converging Chasms, the new preview types are Chrono & Machine.

Creature Types

This set introduces the following creature types:


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