Set 3 Crystal Forge


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Release Date: August 17, 2017
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Crystal Forge is the 3rd set in the Exodus TCG.


This set consists of 2 Competitive Decks. The Treeforge Competitive Deck revolves around Treefolk & Mushfolk and the Shardveil Competitive Deck features ice creatures of all colors, shapes and sizes called Shardfolk. These decks are geared for advanced players who are already familiar with the basics of the game and heavily feature type and rarity mechanics. The decks can be played standalone or customized, and many players purchase 2 of each deck to get a playset (x2 copies) of each card since the set contains 100% new cards. This set contains extremely powerful Ability creatures that combo well with their respective types, and both decks feature a completely blinged-out 20-card foil energy deck with new artwork and a new foil treatment.

Two new Guilds are given official recognition with this set, with the emergence of 2 new Guild Leaders. Oliver Rose leads the Treeforge Guild and Crystallus is the self-proclaimed leader of the Shardveil Guild.

Set Breakdown:

  • This set consists of 43 cards, including:
    • 8 Rares
    • 15 Uncommons
    • 20 Commons
  • In addition to introducing new mechanics like freeze and reveal, Existence Games wanted to spoil players by giving them a full foil energy deck in these decks for no extra cost.

Creature Types

This set introduces the following creature types:


Rare Rare.jpg

Uncommon Uncommon.jpg

Common Common.jpg

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