Set 2 Galaxy Tides


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Release Date: October 31, 2014
Next Set: Set 3 Crystal Forge
Previous Set: Set 1 Birth of Creation
Set Symbol: GT.png

Galaxy Tides is the 1st booster pack and the 2nd overall set in the Exodus TCG.


This set introduces Ability creatures and the Secret Rare card rarity for the first time. It also introduces the idea of rarity mechanics and solidifies them into core gameplay. After the initial Birth of Creation storyline, the themes get more epic with galaxy and nebula-infused creatures. Drama rises within the Skyborn Guild, and two-thirds of their members betray the Angels to form the Order Guild. Order creatures make their debut in this set, taking their inspiration from Angels in their appearance while proving to be an entirely new & powerful type on their own.

Set Breakdown:

  • This set consists of 62 cards, including:
    • 2 Secret Rares
    • 25 Rares
    • 15 Uncommons
    • 20 Commons

Box Toppers

  • Box Toppers are extra/bonus cards included as incentive when opening an entire booster box or display.
    • Box Toppers are always Foil.
    • 1 of the 2 Box Toppers in every box is "fixed", meaning it is the same card in every box.
    • The 2nd Box Topper is a random Foil from the booster set.

Sneak Peek Creature Types

  • Starting with this first booster set, the creators have placed a hidden pattern in each booster set that identify which new creature types the next expansion will focus on. The pattern is 1 of that creature type in each main Rarity tier (Common, Uncommon & Rare) within the set (excluding dual-types). For Galaxy Tides, the new preview types are Treefolk & Shardfolk.

Creature Types

This set introduces the following creature types:

  • Order
  • Mountain
  • Treefolk
  • Leviathan

Alternate Artwork Cards

This set includes 2 Altered Art cards:


Secret Rare Secret Rare.jpg

Rare Rare.jpg

Uncommon Uncommon.jpg

Common Common.jpg

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