Set 1 Birth of Creation


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Release Date: October 31, 2014
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Birth of Creation is the 1st set in the Exodus TCG, also known as the Base Set.


This set consists of 2 Starter Decks. The Harmonized Skyborn Deck revolves around Angels and the Harmonized Dragonis Deck features Dragons & Slithes. "Harmonized" is a term unique to the game that means all of the cards in the deck work in perfect harmony with one another. The decks can be played standalone or customized. This set contains extremely powerful symmetry cards many players consider to be "staples" for use in competitive deck-building. The publisher Existence Games purposely designed it this way so that the cards always remain relevant even on the competitive scene.

Set Breakdown:

  • This set consists of 38 cards, including:
    • 2 Rares
    • 12 Uncommons
    • 24 Commons
  • There are several editions of this set in circulation, each constituting a different print run: First Edition, Second Edition, Premiere Edition, and Unlimited Edition.
    • First Edition and Second Edition of this set sold out during the soft-launch phase from 2012-2013, but all editions are still legal for sanctioned tournament play.

Bonus Extended Art Cards

  • In Premiere Edition decks, there exists an additional Rare extended art variant of one of the Uncommons from that deck to celebrate the full launch of the game.

Creature Subtypes

This set introduces the following creature types:


Rare Rare.jpg

Uncommon Uncommon.jpg

Common Common.jpg

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