Rare Rare
Set 1 Birth of Creation

Rare is the highest rarity in the Exodus Trading Card Game besides Secret Rare.


Sealed decks will always contain at least 1 Rare and booster boxes are guaranteed to contain more Rare foils than Uncommon foils. As their rarity suggests, they are seen less often than Commons and Uncommons, and are considered some of the most valuable cards in the entire game. Their value can vary greatly, from less valuable Rares like Dimensional Dragon and Dimensional Desperado to highly valuable Rares like Alana the Star Formation or Legendary Blade Luhzarus. While technically slightly lesser rarity than Secret Rares, the most valuable card in the game Twisted Vortex happens to be a Rare. Cards of this rarity tier are generally much more difficult to obtain and are usually found in foil to easily recognize their value. Cards in this category are also generally more powerful and feature an effect or Ability of some kind, making them sought after by players and collectors alike.

Rares are identified by three rarity stars in the upper right corner of the card.


  • With some exceptions like Promo cards and Limited Edition Sketch cards, almost all Rare cards are automatically foil.