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A Promotional card is something that is included as an extra card inside a magazine, a package or a side product of some kind. They might also be obtained from an event or official tournament; some promo cards are given to all participants as an entry promo while others are only given to top finishers.


Due to their age or restrictions obtaining them, most promotional cards tend to be difficult to obtain and the player may not have a chance to obtain them again if they did not obtain it in the first place when they were originally distributed and put into circulation. Since "Promo Edition" cannot identify which print run the card is from, there is a small chance some promotional cards may be reprinted and distributed again in the future. However, the company behind the game has stated that promo cards are made in limited quantities and most will not be printed again in order to preserve their value. Twisted Vortex is the only promo card that has been guaranteed to never receive a reprint.

Set 1 Birth of Creation Promo Cards

Set 2 Galaxy Tides Promo Cards

Set 3 Crystal Forge Promo Cards

Set 4 Converging Chasms Promo Cards

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