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Set 1 Birth of Creation

Common is the lowest rarity in the Exodus Trading Card Game.


They are cards that are the easiest to obtain and are seen most often.

Commons are identified by a single rarity star in the upper right corner of the card. They are generally lower in power than cards of higher rarity, but there are still many strong symmetry cards in this category that many consider to be staples in deckbuilding.

Creatures of this rarity don't have Abilities, but are often greatly boosted by other cards that affect the Common rarity in order to bring them up to the power level of Rares. 'Common Decks' are even a popular and affordable deck choice that usually focus on flooding the field with as many Common creatures as possible, and then using only a few Rares to buff the Common creature's energy while simultaneously being detrimental to opposing Rares.


  • Commons are the cheapest rarity in the game, but can still be made strong since creatures don't have pre-printed power.
  • Collections will usually contain multiples of all the Commons or will at least complete this category first since they're seen most often.
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